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Here are a few things about Asha that you might not know…

Zodiac sign: Scorpio with Cancer rising

Height: 5’5″

Diet: Pescetarian

Fave foods: Carbs! Rice (Jollof rice, Mexican rice, Rice ‘n’ Peas) and whole grain bread

Work out routine: Kick-boxing, Yoga, Hiking, Weight training, Skateboarding

Fave movies: City of God, Leon, The Matrix, Trainspotting

Fave Books: The Alchemist, The Prophet, Things Fall Apart, Nineteen Eighty Four

Tattoos: Scorpion, Yin Yang, Ankh, Eye of Horus, Rays of sunshine

Pets: none

Favorite color: Green

Place of birth: London, England

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology. ISSA Personal Training Certified


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